There is a well said saying that humans are the social animals. They love to become social and want someone by their side with whom they can share all their feelings, who would love and care for them, who would understand them and accept them in the way they are, and much more. This has led to the trend of dating where there is no limit for the age and gender that who can do dating or not. And due to these increasing trends of dating, the number of dating websites and apps is also increasing. These websites and apps have changed the way people used to date.

These dating apps have gained much significance due to the flexibility that they provide. They let you view lots of profiles and then choose a perfect match accordingly. You are not bonded to any condition; you can connect to the people you want and then make a choice accordingly for your perfect match. Though there are many popular dating apps, but here we are enlisting few of them which are most popular among the users.


In order to enable Tinder, you are required to have a Facebook account. Once enabled, you can go on with setting your profile in which you can include your bio, other information and up to six images. When you will go through the different tinder profiles, it will display the name, age and photo of that person. Thus, it encourages you to make snap judgments about the different users. In the case you get like from the person you like, both of you will be enabled to send messages.


OkCupid allows you to create your account directly on the app rather than linking it to your Facebook account. You are required to fill out a long form to provide information about yourself. This app is extremely easy to use and lets you connect with the person you want. In the case you like a person; you can click on the "matches", in which you will be shown all the potential matches for you along with that person. And if you are interested in that particular profile, then you can click on the "Quickmatch". The different settings allow you to narrow down the features.


Rather than focusing on the random matchmaking, Hinge aims at introducing you to the people who are mutual friends with you on the Facebook. You can log in through your Facebook account, enter preferences like age, location, sexual orientation and more. The app will provide you a list of potential matches with whom you will be having friends in common. Getting someone known in front of you will be less jerky for both of you.


The strategy that is used by Hitch for matchmaking is just perfect. It works on the principle that "friends know better" and lets your friends choose a partner for you. The built-in anonymous chat allows your friends to recommend a match for you. And you will get the age and gender of that person along with the name of mutual acquaintance. You can send a Reveal Request by hitting off that chat.

5/30/2016 - By Adimin

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