It does not matter if you're a married couple or just met recently, if you're young or old, to make your sex perfect, there are a number of proven techniques you should try and requirements that you must meet. To turn your sex from a routine into a truly unforgettable experience, you need to know just a few tricks.

No taboos

Our taboos make it very difficult to enjoy sex. Who decides what is right, or what is indecent? How can we talk about decencies when it comes to giving love to each other? How can there be a shame when you're both naked? There's can be nothing "dirty" about your love partner. The most powerful means against all restrictions in bed is love. If you love, you forget about everything. A loving person is like a child; they don't know what is good and what is bad, what is possible, and what is not. They just create love.

Remember once and for all - taboos don't exist in sex! In other words, in bed, absolutely everything is allowed! Be brave, play games, forget about your childhood shyness and insecurity. Don't be afraid to express your desires and fulfill the desires of your partner. Both of you will definitely like it! This is what people are all about; openness gives them far more pleasant feelings than stiffness.

Talk with your partner

A hot one night stand can be silent, but if you have regular sex with your partner without saying anything to each other, it's time to change it. When doing it, don't hesitate to speak frankly with your partner, ask how they feel, ask whether they like it or not, tell them what you feel and what you would like to try. Many girls find sharing thoughts in bed sexually arousing and turning your partner on will end up with some benefits for you too.

Trust your partner and let them trust you

Trust can help both partners open up, overcome their complexes and shyness, and simply enjoy each other. You can start building mutual trust during preliminary caresses or even before them.

Try new positions

There's no need to explain how this can diversify your sexual life. You can find new positions on the Internet or buy a special book for this. If you do something wrong when trying some of them, it's OK, don't be embarrassed! You probably will remember this experience more than once and laugh at it together.

Start the prelude with an erotic massage

Light the candles, muffle the light, let a smell of slightly warmed aromatic oils fill the air and make your partner an erotic massage. This way you can make your sex unforgettable.

Let your body relax

This is a very important point. A constrained man can't concentrate on his desires. He is cut off from the outside world. This is one of the signs of mistrust. If you don't trust your partner, how can you even think about getting pleasure from sex? It's too intimate. So let your body relax. The mechanisms laid down at the genetic level will make your movements natural, beautiful, and graceful. The body knows how to move when making love. Sex is not a contest; no one cares how it looks from the side! Let the primordial power lead you.

In conclusion

Before trying to diversify your sex life, to understand how to make sex unforgettable, you don't need to try all the tricks right from the start; perhaps you just need to talk with your partner about this topic first, and only during a conversation can you find that universal recipe for perfect sex. After all, even having two hot Ukrainian women in bed at the same time, you're still not guaranteed to have a great time. There are people who want something special, and they need an individual approach without following any already proven rules. Experiment, and then your sex will be unforgettable!

- By Adimin

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