Looking for some ideas to spend a Saturday night with your significant other? Dating should not be limited to a regular dinner in a restaurant or a stroll in a park. Sticking to a banality can ruin your relationships faster than you think, so make your dates interesting and fun. We can help you with that. Check out our 7 fascinating date ideas for a Sunday night.

Cook dinner together

You don't have to eat out and spend a fortune in a café if you want to have a good time with your couple. So, at first decide what are you going to cook (it is better to prepare something unusual or festive, which you don't ate regularly). Then go to a market together and make this fun, for instance, ride a shopping cart right inside or annoy a salesman. Joint cooking together is very intimate despite its homeliness. It brings together and makes you work hand in hand. In the end you get your common culinary masterpiece and eating it together is always more delightful.

Take some sport

There are tons of couple sports you can take on a date. Riding bicycles is always trilling for those who want to discover their city from another perspective. If you want to be closer to your love, then rollerblading is your choice; you can hold hands and touch each other anytime. Wish something more energetic? Squash or tennis will bring you a huge excitement and make you feel like a professional athlete. After such an active day you will definitely want to spend a relaxing and romantic night.

Visit dancing class

Hundreds of years ago dancing was a way of meeting new people, expressing feelings and making hints of intimacy in some countries. Things have changed today, but dancing is still popular among couples. There are many studios in each city so you can easily book a class that you would like to visit. We strongly recommend you to try salsa, tango or rhumba to feel real sexual tense. Wait until you get home and continue your passionate dance in private.

Shopping for couples

This is very fun and useful way to spend a weekend with your darling. Go to a local shopping mall, set a timer, and buy something special for each other until the time runs out. A great opportunity to make a surprise to each other independently of a calendar. If you are less brave and inventive, but you still want to do something unusual, then go through the shops together and buy something spicy for you both: new lingerie, bedclothes, body massage oil, candles or sex toys. It is much better to try your new purchases right that night.

Movie night

Some couples can feel too tired or lazy after a hard working week so going out may be a huge challenge for them. Nevertheless, setting a night of movies can fix a situation. This is nice way to spend together in private and have fun all night long. Chose a topic you want your marathon to be dedicated to. It may be a night of "The Lord of the Rings" or "Star Wars" if you both are geeks, romantic comedies or horrors if you want to watch a few different pictures or you can spend all night watching retro comedies and other classics. The only rule: you should watch all the movies you have planned, so don't forget to grab a lot of popcorn!

Take pictures of each other

The idea is very simple. Pick up a picturesque location in your city or in suburbs. It can be a park, a seafront, a square or more isolated place if you want to stay alone. Take a camera and set a photo session taking pictures by turns. Try to emphasize the traits you love the most in your partner and show them in your pictures. You have no idea how much images and characters can suit you and your partner can reveal them to you. Then don't forget to share the most beautiful pics on Facebook (if you took decent photos, of course).

- By Adimin

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