Most women have this question in their mind as to what do men over 50 look for when considering a long term love relationship with their partner? Even in case your man has plenty of friends for hanging out with, they would never be able to take your place in your partner`s life. Men over 50 desire closeness & emotional intimacy that can be only fulfilled in the company of a female partner. Also, there`s more liberty in such a type of bonding & it can become the roots for a long-term love relationship that more serious.

Friendship or Relationship

Every single person in this world is unique & brings their distinctive personality & style to whichever things they do in all the phases of their life. Hence, there could hardly be any actual generalization in regards to what a man looks for in his female partner as it`s differ from one man to the other. A few men may just be wanting to have some sort of friendship & desire a relationship that is not too serious whilst others might be searching for long term bonding & a serious commitment.

Based upon the experience as well as a number of studies done on this subject, it can be safe to assume that majority of the men search for a woman who understands them better than anybody else. And for the woman who want their guy to enjoy a company with them, it is important to have a part of emotional attraction in addition to physical intimacy.

Quite a few men over 50 seem to be at peace when they`re engaged in a steady relationship along with their female partner as there is a deep requirement for a womanly intimacy in the life of a man. The relationship is more likely to get hollow after some period if the emotional intimacy with a feminine partner is absent. Men are also less likely to share their inner feelings & emotions as easily as women do. Actually, they hardly like to share what`s going on in their mind with their male companions which makes a feminine woman further significant in their life.

Physical Attractiveness

Being a woman isn`t only about physical attractiveness. Physical beauty is exaggerated. Whilst being fit & healthy even at the later ages of your life may be crucial, the thing which truly matters is your attitude.

It is the behaviors which counts the most. Actually, a beautiful woman who lacks other important feminine features is likely to be a huge turn off to a man. On the other hand, an ordinary looking woman who was happy would most likely make a superior woman as compared to a woman with outstanding looks however is nasty, spoiled & mean.

Feminine women are greatly preferred by men for becoming their long term partner. In addition, men also like taking care of them in every part of their life.

To conclude, emotional bonding is the thing which can hold your relationship with your partner together. By improving your feminine side, you`ll be soon able to attract the right man into your life.

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2/12/2016 - By Adimin

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