Sugar daddy-sugar baby relationships are more common than ever before. As a sugar baby, you need to do certain things and avoid others for you to have a great experience with your sugar daddy. To help you out here are sugar baby dos and don'ts:

Sugar Baby Dos

Take your time.

The prime reason why you want a relationship with a sugar daddy is because you want the financial support. Different sugar babies have different needs. Some want a sugar daddy to take care of their basic needs while others want to enjoy the luxuries of life such as taking ship cruises. While you might be desperate to find someone to fuel your life you shouldn't be in a hurry to get into a relationship.

If you are on the sugar daddy websites, you shouldn't jump into a relationship with the first person that you come across. You should take your time to research the person. As rule of thumb, you shouldn't communicate with an unverified person. You also shouldn't go on a date with a sugar daddy whom you haven't spoken to online for some time.

In addition to the money, the sugar daddy should also be an honest and reputable person. There is no point of getting into a relationship with a person who will hurt you for the sake of money.

Remember that you are in an unconventional relationship

Conventional relationships are based on emotions and future but this isn't the case with most sugar daddy-sugar baby relationships. While there might be some compatibility between the two of you, in most cases there are no emotions involved. Due to this, the sugar daddy can call off the relationship anytime. As mentioned above, the main reason that you (sugar baby) are in the relationship is for the financial gain. Since the sugar daddy can quit the relationship anytime, you should secure yourself by saving as much money as possible. This is to avoid being desperate when he leaves. It's also recommended that you have another sugar daddy on the side. But keep it secret.

Be specific about what you want from the sugar daddy

A sugar daddy sugar baby relationship is a mutual relationship where both partners benefit from each other. The sugar daddy gets sex and your company while you (the sugar baby) get to have a comfortable lifestyle. Before the relationship takes off, you should tell the sugar daddy what you expect from him. Whether you are interested in school fees, rent, holidays or any other thing, you should let him know beforehand. There are some sugar babies who are shy and take what is given to them by the sugar daddy. This shouldn't be you.

Don'ts for sugar babies

Don't be scared of calling off the relationship

Sugar daddies are the ones who often call off relationships. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't do it too if you aren't comfortable in it. If the sugar daddy isn't meeting his side of the agreement or he is disrespecting you, you should call the relationship off. Even if he is fueling your life, he has no right to disrespect or treat you bad.

Don't get emotional

I mentioned above that most sugar daddy-sugar baby relationships aren't emotional but this isn't always the case. In some cases sugar babies meet interesting people thus they get emotional and even fall in love. When you fall in love with a sugar daddy you put your guards down and stop demanding the things that you had agreed on at the beginning of the relationship. To ensure that this doesn't happen you shouldn't allow emotions into the relationship.

- By Adimin

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