There are several concerns that people who are thinking about dating over 30 vs. 50 have. The first concern is that they will come across people who don't have much time for them and who have all kinds of expectations of you. So, the biggest challenge is finding someone who is looking for friendship and companionship.

Don't feel frustrated

If you are hiding at home and not ready to get involved in dating in your 30s then the good news is that there are a few things that you can do that will make things work out for you. Those best dating sites for 30 somethings can help you. No longer do you need to feel frustrated about investing your time and money and discovering later that you are not able to find someone suitable.

Subtle differences

There are subtle differences between dating over 30 and dating over 50. Also, keep in mind that it takes an average of 100 dates before you find that someone special and right. The problem however is not in finding the right person. The real problem is taking the wrong approach.

The truth is that when you start looking for dates in your 30s or 50s things are different than when you were young and looking for a date. The good news is that there are many advantages to dating in your 30s or 50s.

Under no pressure

First of all, you are under no pressure of having to get married and then have children. You are free to enter into any relationship and do so for the correct reasons and not because you are afraid that you will soon no longer be fertile.

More self-assured and mature

Secondly, when you are looking for a date in your 30s or 50s you are more self-assured and mature. You know what you want from your relationship and what you expect from your date. This makes things easy for you. Your identity is also more well defined at this age and you are more independent and are capable of solving your problems on your own.

Learn from the past

Thirdly, you must have learned from your past experiences and so you are more capable of handling things even when they become rough. You know yourself well and are capable of sizing up others well and hence this gives you a big advantage.

Romance is more enjoyable

Fourthly, at this age romance will be more enjoyable for you. You are confident about your sexual prowess and you will also be more liberated than when you were young.

Over 50 dating

Over 50 dating can also be a lot of fun. At this age, women's bodies are in perfect shape. Their faces too are perfect and people in their fifties also probably have everything that they need. To make the most out of over 50 dating it is important to be a good listener. Furthermore, it pays to go with the flow. In other words, don't try to size up your date too much. Let things flow organically. At this age, money will probably not be an issue. And, when it comes to having sex then waiting to know the person before getting into bed with them is a good idea.

- By Adimin

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